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Free Instagram Highlight Stories

Hi all ♥

I'm so happy to start this new stage! For some time I wanted to share and talk a little more with you and this way I will be able to do it. This new area on my website will share some news, tips and provide free and paid content for you. To start off obviously I decided to make this content completely free for your instagram profile.

Recently bought an iPad Pro and made these little illustrations to learn how to use it and why not share it with you? I hope you like it and it matches your profile beautifully.

If you use it, tag me on instagram @bybeatrizgouveia and I'll share how incredible it looks on your profile.

Click on the image to have access to the download!

I have made this with lots of love and gratitude for you!

Support my freebies by pinning and forwarding this message to your friends.

With love,


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